Snorkeled Rotax V-Twin engine with relocated CVT intake and outlet STACKS AND STACKS

Move to the beat of a 48-hp Rotax 570 liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, with four valves per cylinder and single overhead camshaft, with power to get in and out of the toughest mud holes. Critical components like the CVT intake and outlet, and as well as engine intake have been relocated as high as possible on the ATV, far from the muddy and wet conditions below.

28-in ITP Mega Mayhem tires on 12-in cast aluminum beadlock wheels - MUD-READY TIRES & WHEELS

Want the ultimate in mud performance? ITP’s 28-in (71 cm) Mega Mayhem tires were built from the ground up to be ground down: 6-ply rubber construction, tread pattern tuned for aggressive riding. Installed on 12-in (30.5 cm) cast-aluminum beadlock wheels, featuring a mechanical fastening system that makes it nearly impossible for the tire bead to break loose from the wheel during mud riding, heavy acceleration or cornering.

Color: Black, Grey & Sunburst Yellow / 570

Rotax® snorkeled V-Twin engine with relocated CVT intake and outlet 

28-in. ITP Mega Mayhem† tires

12-in. cast-aluminum beadlock wheels

Front and rear FOX† PODIUM† 1.5 shocks

Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS™)

Front & central aluminum skid plates

Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension 

Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers 

Aluminum taper-profile handlebar with grab handle, wind deflectors, and square pad 

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with engine braking


Multifunction digital gauge 

X-package coloration, graphics and seat cover 

Year: 2019 Number of places: 1
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