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On May 1, 1960, Albéric Charette and the late Ghislaine Charette founded Béric Sport Inc. Albéric liked mechanics and Ghislaine liked numbers and doing the books. It was at this time that the two cherished the dream of opening a business. Fuelled by a competitive spirit and a taste for challenges, they purchased a gas station under the BP banner.

With courage and determination they moved forward, acquiring tow trucks and offering repair services. Since everything was working out well and that there was a growing need for more products and services, Mr. and Mrs. Charrette - more determined than ever to give customers what they needed - decided to buy more tow trucks.

Clients Béric Sport


In 1965, the product family expanded. New Motoski snowmobiles made their debut in the winter and a new line of recreational vehicles was added during the summer.

A few years later, for space reasons, buying an adjoining land became a priority for the company. This would allow them to guarantee service and sell new products and Ski-Doo snowmobiles while continuing to oversee the gas station’s operations.

In the months that followed, an increasing need from customers for more snowmobiles, parts and clothing, as well as more RV accessories forced the company to invest in the construction of a new store better suited to welcome clients.

Casqued Béric Sport


In 1988, the project expanded once again due to the constant and growing demand of customers. This gave way to a major expansion of the interior showroom and garage. Simultaneously, Sea-Doos were added to the current line of products.

At that time, the showroom was a source of pride for our family and clients. It was a proof of our project’s success and a good predictor of our continuation for the future.

Accessoires Béric Sport


In February 1999, Mrs. Charette died of a medical complication after battling cancer. The family suffered a great loss and distress. We had to stand together and be there for each other to get through this difficult time. The company also had to undergo restructuring and reorganization.

Guylaine, the daughter of Albéric and Ghislaine, took over the administration. As for Yvon, the son-in-law and husband of Guylaine, he was in charge of sales and financing while Allen, son of Albéric and Ghislaine, handled the garage and service. Albéric remained the president of the company.

The times that followed were very challenging for the family. But together they kept going and worked as a team with all the employees to make it. The family also rest assured knowing there was someone that could ensure the continuity of the company. That person was Albéric’s granddaughter, Cathy, sales director and customer service manager.

Roulottes Béric Sport


All the time and the hard teamwork we invested allows us today to provide expert advice and the necessary experience to offer quality sale and repair services. Each year we continue our parents’ work by following in their footsteps. To highlight the company’s 50th anniversary, we realized a dream of launching a clothing store, so we decided to do more renovation work to better serve our customers.

But that’s not it: there are more ideas and more projects to come! We are proud to have over 25 employees by our side, each one as dedicated as the founders themselves. We continue to offer a variety of product lines from B.R.P, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, VTT Can-Am and VCC Can-AM. Over the years, we added several recreational vehicles, including DRV Luxury Suite, Sabre, Palomino, Surveyor, Forest River, KZ-RV, Puma, Coachmen RV and Crossroads RV. But one thing never changes: we offer the same warm sales and repair service.