Switch - Pontoon Switch - Pontoon

Switch - Pontoon

Switch it up - The all-new configurable pontoon with the heart of a Sea-Doo has made a splash. Fun and easy to drive, it also adapts to whatever activity you’re doing. See how you can Switch it up on the water.

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Rec Lite Rec Lite

Rec Lite

A brand new way to have fun. In a class of their own, Sea-Doo watercraft are fun and easy to drive and provide hours of fun entertainment for the whole family. Plus, they're fuel efficient and lighter. With pass on affordable prices and easy towing?

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Recreation Recreation


These watercraft are very versatile thanks to their agility, excellent stability and larger space for storage. More standard features at an unbeatable value. Enjoy more time on the water with the most fuel efficient engine in the industry.

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Tow sports Tow sports

Tow sports

Perfect if you want to spend your days having fun in the waves and getting your adrenaline pumping. This model includes a pull-out ski post with a high attachment point keeping the rope out of the water, our exclusive ski mode and a removable board rack.

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Sport Fishing Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Our newest glittering lure, Sea-Doo has designed the first and only watercraft built for fishing. An industry first, the FISH PRO is a combination of excitement, versatility, passion into one complete package.

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Luxury Luxury


This is high-end luxury. The GTX serie is equipped with the "Ergolock" seat with stepped design, mooring system and more. Long water hikes have become more comfortable and your driving experience will meet and exceed your highest expectations.

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Performance Performance


Step into the world of performance with these watercraft. They are equipped with a new and powerful Rotax engine and offer better value than any other performance PWC. Enjoy an unparalleled level of control . Experience performance driving, precision and maneuverability as well as power.

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Nothing is more valuable than having fun during your spare time. With a beautiful used watercraft there will be thrilling and exciting moments, turning your water escapades into unforgettable experiences.

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