Lynx Lynx


In a world-first, we’re launching our rugged Scandi sleds this side of the Atlantic. It’s the start of something epic.

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Backcountry Backcountry


Today's true 50-50 crossover rider dreams of carving powdery meadows one day, and racking up big miles the next.The definition of a good ride can be found in the adventures waiting to be had in undiscovered destinations.Ski-Doo Backcountry snowmobiles are the no compromise sleds today's adventure-seeking crossover rider deserves.

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Renegade Renegade


The Renegade snowmobile is powerful and versatile. The quality of a hybrid snowmobile lies in its instant response, regardless of the driving style or terrain conditions. This is exactly the goal we had when designing the new Renegade: a snowmobiler-oriented design.

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The MXZ snowmobile stands for passion, power and precision. The team behind its design was successful in going beyond pleasure and performance by designing the platform at the same time as the engine to unleash the potential of your every move.

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Summit Summit


The Summit snowmobile stands for power and is easy to control. Its well conceived ergonomics are made for going on a ride in the mountains and are guaranteed to bring you pure moments of pleasure. The new Summit is agile and offers so much space to move when you're having fun on a more technical field. You and your snowmobile will become one like never before.

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Freeride Freeride


The Freeride snowmobile is synonymous with adrenaline and agility in difficult conditions. If you are a fan of extreme driving, you know it's easier to go for it when your snowmobile responds to your movements. It is ready to deal with even the most daring ledges.

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Grand Touring Grand Touring

Grand Touring

The Grand Touring snowmobile is a statement of luxury and comfort. The design offers a high level of comfort, tranquility and peace of mind. This model is easy to handle and is designed to seat two people comfortably and keep them warm to appreciate long winter drives.

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Expedition Expedition


The Expedition snowmobile is synonymous with versatility, durability and comfort. It lets you have fun while working. The Expedition models are well suited to pull heavy objects, work their way through the dense woodlands or accommodate a passenger for a lively Sunday hike.

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Tundra Tundra


The Tundra snowmobile was designed with lightness, agility and practice in mind. It is a snowmobile that can travel almost anywhere and perform almost any action . Want to have fun on the slopes? No problem! The Tundra is so light and agile you can whoosh through the slopes with confidence and pleasure.

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Skandic Skandic


The Skandic snowmobile is robust and designed to tackle tough jobs. Several organizations use the Skandic model, including ones specializing in the maintenance of ski slopes and rescue operations. This snowmobile is able to meet the challenges with features enabling it to perform hard labor and travel in deep snow.

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There is a snowmobile for each driver. Perfect for riding with friends, going a day trip in unchartered territories or wandering through a forest.

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