Rotax® 600R E-TEC®

Color: Black 

Mileage: 1,236 km

Warranty end: May-31st-2022



Electric visor outlet

RAS™ 3 front suspension

REV® Gen4 platform with wide-design bodywork 

pDrive™ clutch 

Heated trail seat with 7 L / 1.85 US gal of storage

rMotion™ with Air Ride rear suspension

15 x 137 x 1.25 in. Ice Ripper XT track

Adjustable Pilot™ TS Skis

RER™ electronic reverse (E-TEC® engines) 

7.2-in. wide digital display

Warm glove box with 4 L / 1 US gal of storage

Medium (17 in.) windshield with air deflectors


Year: 2021 Number of places: 1
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